WordPress wins in court

WordPress was in court in the US recently to defend the principal of freedom of expression. It was there in collaboration with a blogger who writes on the platform, and who had seen one of his articles forcibly removed from the platform under a ‘DMCA takedown notice’. Increasingly, people are using these notices, who’s use is intended to prevent copyright infringement, to force the removal of articles which they simply don’t like. Platforms like WordPress.com find themselves inundated with take down notice requests, and struggle to fairly ‘review’ each and every request to ensure that it’s legitimate. Often, the most simple and legally ‘safe’ response is just to remove the offending article, which obviously then tramples on WordPress.com’s freedom of expression. So, WordPress has now decided to take a stand, and Nick Steiner, from “Straight Pride UK” has now been slapped with a $25,000 fine for allegedly issuing a malicious DMCA take down notice. It would be nice to think this might make people think twice before abusing the DMCA system in future.

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