What we do

We do Wordpress websites and Mobile apps. We're able to manage your whole project, take over once your design is finished, or help with enhancing your existing website or mobile phone app. We code for a range of businesses from agencies, to brands & publishers, and small to medium size companies. When we're building websites, they tend to be based on the excellent Wordpress Content Management System, meaning our clients can update their own websites. On mobile we code for Android and iOS devices. Clients hire us because they know that the senior person they meet at the pitch is the senior person who delivers their project. We've called it Brandy out of a belief that brands need to take a different approach to web & mobile than to other forms of media, sometimes even re-evaluating entirely what it means to be a 'brand'. 'Branded' was already taken, and Brandish just sounded a bit too threatening, so Brandy it is. We'd love to hear about your project and discuss with you how we can help.




Project management & consultancy, theme development, plugin coding, website management.

Mobile Apps

We develop mobile apps for Android and iOS. With a team of over 20 developers, we're ready to rock on your project.


We're specialists in ensuring you achieve visibility on Google for the search terms that matter to your business.


I know... it's controversial, but I love the humble telephone: +44 (0)20 81339543

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Wordpress developers London

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Do you need Wordpress developers to build your project or enhance your team? Often when London based companies are looking to launch a project, being able to ‘take control’ of the site after launch is key: if you have to keep coming back to the developers every time you want to add or edit content website content, it’s going to get costly, which is why many London-based companies choose to go down the Wordpress route. Wordpress as a CMS is the perfect way to manage your content: the developers do their job, and then hand over to the customer once the site is complete. There’s sometimes a little bit of training or guidance required to get going, but our Wordpress developers are experts in building sites which are easy to use and in training clients on how to use them.

Wordpress design

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Not all web design is the same: Wordpress design requires a solid knowledge of the platform and what it is capable of. If you don’t know what it can do, how can you get the best out of it? Our team of Wordpress designers can really make your website ‘sing’ (not literally, that would be annoying). Additionally, with an ever-increasing proportion of site visitors using mobile devices, it’s important that Wordpress designers considers how the design will work on phones, tablets etc. Whenever required we create responsive Wordpress templates which look and work great on mobile devices. So if you’re looking for a great design for your Wordpress website, work with the experts!

Your WP agency

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If you’re looking for a WP agency (Wordpress agency) for a project in London, then you’ve come to the right place. Founded in 2008, Brandy Digital is one of the leading Wordpress agencies working with a variety of London based clients. We have designed and built Wordpress based websites for clients across a broad range of sectors, and over the years have gained a broad understanding of how to fully exploit the potential of the Wordpress platform. We’re a dedicated Wordpress development agency: a lot of agencies ‘dabble’ in Wordpress, whereas we are 100% specialist. So, if you’re in or around the London region and are looking for Wordpress experts, get in touch.

Latest News
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    I’m currently doing some work on looking at the SEO impact of using WordPress multi-lingual for international websites. I can’t say too much about it right now, but the work in progress website is called dog friendly cottages and the research should be finished soon, at which point i’ll post some more info about it.
  • Server admins: beware the WordPress comment ‘spam loop’ trap
    As a 100% WordPress agency, we administer a LOT of WordPress websites (over 200) across 3 separate servers. Last week, we suddenly had an issue with email deliverability for the contact forms on a cluster of websites which all sit on one server. At first it didn’t make sense: we were using an external SMTP […]
  • WordPress wins in court
    WordPress was in court in the US recently to defend the principal of freedom of expression. It was there in collaboration with a blogger who writes on the platform, and who had seen one of his articles forcibly removed from the platform under a ‘DMCA takedown notice’. Increasingly, people are using these notices, who’s use […]